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West Australian Contingents to the Boer War


1st (Western Australian Mounted Infantry) November 7, 1899 December 29, 1900
2nd (Western Australian Mounted Infantry) February 3, 1900 December 8, 1900
3rd (Western Australian Bushmen) March 13, 1900 May 28, 1901
4th (Western Australian Mounted Infantry) May 8, 1900 July 20, 1901
5th (Western Australian Mounted Infantry) March 6, 1901 May 17, 1902
6th (Western Australian Mounted Infantry) April 10, 1901 May 17, 1902
2nd Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (WA) February 26, 1902 July 25, 1902
4th Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (WA) April 7, 1902 July 30, 1902
8th Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (WA) June 2, 1902 July 24, 1902









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Australian War Memorial Boer War Nominal Roll Database
This roll provides details of those persons who served with Australian units in the South African War.

Australian War Graves in South Africa - 1899-1902

Further Reading

Sweetman, J.P. 'Hands Up! Hands Up! You Karkee Devils! The Vaal River Piquet - Four West Australians, Prisoners of the Boers'. Sabretache XXXVII, 1996, pp. 26-33.

See also the Australian/New Zealand Forces section of the Bibliography for more material on this subject.