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London Times Shipping Reports: 1900
London Times Shipping Reports: 1901


dd/mm/yy Australian Involvement
a,b,c,d,e, or f = column Boer P.O.W-related
LT = London Times Canadian Involvement
SA = South Africa New Zealand Involvement
p5e = page 5, column e Nurses
  United States Involvement

1st to 13th January 1902 pending.

London Times 14/01/02 (Tuesday)
p8c The South Australia left Albert Docks for South Africa with details of Scottish Horse and Worcestershire Y. and 270 remounts. She will call at Queenstown for an additional 270 horses.

London Times 15/01/02 (Wednesday)
p5a & b Dateline Halifax, N.S., Jan. 14.
The Manhattan sailed this afternoon for South Africa with 470 officers and men of the Canadian Mounted Rifles.

p10b The Kildonan Castle left for England Jan. 8 with the following on passage home:
Staff - Maj. Gen. C.D. Cooper
2/Gordon H. - Maj. H.A. Bethune
Remount Dept. - Maj. R.W.W. Jones, Lt. S. Galvayne
RAMC - Maj. D.R. Hamilton
Due Southampton Jan 24.

London Times 16/01/02 (Thursday)
p11c The Britannic arrived at Gibralter yesterday, embarked 7 officers and 442 men, transshipped from the City of Venice, and sailed for the Cape.

The Tintagel Castle left for England Monday with the following on passage home:
3/Lancaster - Col. B.N. North, Lt.-Col. F.E. Fitzherbert, Capts.
C.J. Daniel, R.N. De la Bere, G.D. Timmis, J. Challenor, F.S. Jackson,
Lts. F.H. Deakin, A.G. Howard, 2/Lts. M. Cottrell Dormer, J. Black,
Lt. & Qm. T. Batchelor and 436 men.
ASC - Lt. & Riding Master T.J. Kearns
Civil Surg. A.H. Watts
Civil Vet. Surgs. - R. Wilson, M.I. Stevenson, W.M. Reid
Due Southampton Feb. 2.

London Times 17/01/02 (Friday)
p9a & b The Bavarian left Southampton yesterday afternoon with the following:
CG - 400 officers and men.
GG- no number given
4/Somersetshire L.I. - 56 men
5/Lancashire Fus. - 149 men
4/Bedfordshire - 47 men
5/Manchester - 126 men
Total of 40 officers and nearly 2,000 men

London Times 18/01/02 (Saturday)
p7b Dateline Bermuda, Jan. 17.
The Montrose has arrived here bringing 1,234 Boer prisoners and 85 men of the RA. 5 deaths of prisoners on voyage and Dr. Trevor died of dysentery.

p12d-f Note Here:
LG. Kitchener's despatch with M.I.D.
Note also here.
M.I.D. here for Capt. H. de C. Eastwood, 1/DG

London Times 20/01/02 (Monday)
p6c, d & e The Carisbrooke Castle arrived at Southampton Saturday afternoon with the following:
Rifle Brigade - Maj. S.C. Long
R. Lancaster - Maj. F.M. Carleton
S. Lancashire - Capt. A. Solly Flood
Kimberley Regt. - Capt. E.T. Humphrys
R. Scots Fus. - Maj. A.W. Thorneycroft
7/DG - 2/Lt. J. Greene

The Avondale Castle left Southampton yesterday morning for sa. She carried out a party of school teachers.

The Doune Castle left Southampton yesterday morning with 200 South African Constabulary.

The Armenian has arrived at Bombay from South Africa with the 1/Devonshire and the 2. Gordon Highlanders.

London Times 21/01/02 (Tuesday)
p11b The Dunera arrived at Plymouth yesterday, landed some and continued to Southampton.
The following were listed:
RAMC - Lt. C.S. Smith
5/Manchester - Lt. H.T.H. Harris
2/E. Yorkshire - 2/Lt. B. Blood
2/Scottish Rifles - 2/Lt. G.W.R. Wilmer
1/Leicester - 2/Lt. G.D. Nash
I.Y - Lts. E.E. Dooley, E.E. White, J.S. Orr, F.G.J. Williams, W.E. Craig
1/DG - Lt. H,H, Harris
4/KRRC - Lt. G.J. Acland-Troyte
1/KRRC - Lt. R.H. Seymour
5/DG - Maj. A.R. Heneage
Vet. Dept. - Vet. Lt. W.H. Lowe
S.A. Constabulary - Lt. A. Douglas-Pennant
2/Shropshire L.I. - Lt. J.M. Carter
2/R. Warwick - 2/Lt. C.W.C. Crooke
2/Northampton - Lt. E. Knatchbull-Hugessen
1/R. Scots - Lt. T.C. Mudie
ASC - 2/Lt. W.P. Pearse
2/Devon - 2/Lt. J.E. Lewis-Lloyd
1/Yorkshire - Lt. W.B. Walker
5/R. Fus. - Capt. J.H. Davidson-Houston
Nursing Sisters M. Stephenson, C.M. Mello
Sick laying down, 3; convalescent, 245 Wounded laying down, 5; convalescent, 32
For Duty on Voyage:
RAMC - Maj. R.I. Power
Civil Surgs. J.M. Crawford, J.H. Martin, G.E. Richmond, W. Sutcliffe
Nursing Sisters M.G. Hill, J. Creighton, M. Herring, M. Mavius, M. Meade, W.D. Redstone
285 men.

London Times 22/01/02 (Wednesday)
p11b & c The Canada arrived at Southampton yesterday . The following were listed:
16/Lancers - 2/Lt. H. Lewis
17/Lancers - Lt. & Qm. C. Clarke
Staff - Col. W.F. Cavaye
RFA - Lt.-Col. W.H. Williams
RE - Maj. G.F. Leverson
4/Norfolk - Lt. G.G. Lucas
1/Lancaster - Capt. L.C.B. Hamber
4/Essex - Capt. H. De B. F. Stephens-Townshend
2/Berkshire - Maj. G.D.R. Williams
2/Seaforth High. - Lt. R.L.A. Capmbell
1/Connaught Rangers - Capt. T.C.H. Raven, Lt. F.K. Pomeroy
I.Y. - Lts. G.F. Wallace, G.C. Ash, A.M. Trevor Roper, G. Payne
Reserve of Officers - Maj. the Hon. L.B. Byng
With the following on passage home:
Staff - Brig.-Gen. R.G. Broadwood, Lt. the Hon. R.A. Ward
5/DG - Lt. & Qm. C.H. Farbrother
2/Dublin Fus. - Bt. Lt.-Col. F.P. English
2/Hampshire - 2/Lt. R.D.C. McLeod
2/R. Lancaster - Capt. R.C. Parker
3/Middlesex - Capt. C.S.D. Fisher
1/Yorkshire - 2/Lt. S.D. Massy
Reserve of Officers - Capt. F.C.R. Parry
4/Munster Fus. - Capt. M.W. Hawtrey
ASC - Maj. G.H. Cardew
15/Hussars - 2/Lt. O.T.D. Osmond-Williams
1/Leinster - 2/Lt. G.B.C. Irvine
RM Arty. - Capt. G.R. Poole
RAMC - Capt. S.H. Withers
Scottish Horse - Capt. G.V. Watson
Army Pay Dept. - Col. R.M. Ireland
Rev. J.A. Earley
Civ. Vet. Surgs. C. Goundry, J. Forrest
Civ. Surgs. - F.K. Kerr, M. Rust, R.W. Mulloch, W.F.C. McCarthy Morrogh
Nursing Sisters M.D. Knapp, E.C. Blakiston, A.M.C. Clarke
753 men

London Times 23/01/02 (Thursday)
p8b The Orient left Cape Town for St. Helena, Jan. 17 with the following:
Staff - Col. A.J. Price
3/E. Kent - Capt. L.E.L. Triscott, Lts. H.S. Hardy, H.D. Hirst, and 100 men.
14th Co. RGA - Capt. R.H. Galwey, Lts. F.S. Watson, F.W. Barron, C.F.G. Page, and 81 men
RAMC - Lt. M.H. Babington, Civil Surg. M.H. Biddell, and 7 men
Indian Staff Corps - Maj. O.B.S.F. Shore

The Saxon left for England Jan. 15 with the following on passage home:
2/Wiltshire - Capt. A.H.H. Wilson
I.Y. - Maj. Viscount Dungarvan
Cape Town Highlanders - Capt. W.D. Hare.
Due Southampton Jan. 31.

London Times 24/01/02 (Friday)
p9a & b The Arundel Castle left Cape Town for St. Helena, Jan. 21 with the following:
3/E. Kent - Col. T.F. Brinckman, Maj. R. Bayard, Capt. G.B.W. Walker,
Lt. C.W. Blackall, 2/Lts. W.N. Wells, C.M. Bentley, Capt. & Qm. H.C. Cumber and 279 men.
3/Irish - Lt. A. de T. Mouillott
4/Yorkshire - 2/Lt. L.H.F. Wisden

The Oratava left Southampton in the afternoon with 600 men of the 4/Liverpool Regt., 573 men of the 3/Cheshire Regt., 86 men of the 3/R. Sussex Regt., 99 men of the RAMC and details.

London Times 25/01/02 (Saturday)
p13b The Kildonan Castle arrived at Southampton yesterday with the following on passage home:
Staff - Maj. Gen. C.D. Cooper
2/Gordon H. - Maj. H.A. Bethune
Remount Dept. - Maj. R.W.W. Jones, Lt. S. Galvayne
RAMC - Maj. D.R. Hamilton

The Mohawk arrived at Southampton last night with 463 invalids and with the following on passage home:
ASC - Maj. A. Phelps
R. Dublin Fus. - Lt. & Qm. J. Ward
7/R. Fus. - Lt. H.G. Grist
1/Leicester (Late) - Maj. R.L. Sandwith
1/R. Irish Rifles - 2/Lt. F.H. Barton
R. Irish - Capt. E.M. Panter Downes
2/Lincoln - Capt. & Qm. W.J. Conway
2/ Berkshire - Lt. W.B. Thornton
BSAP - Maj. H. Hopper
RAMC - Capt. J.W. Jennings
R.M. L.I. - Capt. J.A.M.A. Clark
Lancashire Mil. Arty. - Capt. S. Bingham
R. Canadian Arty. - Capt. H.J. Morgan
Civil Surg. H.A. Loeser
Civ. Vet. Surgs. - J.T. King, J.J. O'Connor, A. Frank, E.J. Willgans, E.J. Wadley
Nursing Sisters M.S. Milne, E. Johnson, F.H. Barry

The Roslin Castle has left Cape Town for England with Lt.-Col. Kilkelly, RAMC, GG , accompained by medical officers, nursing sisters and orderlies of the Elandsfontein I.Y. Hospital staff.

London Times 27/01/02 (Monday)
p10a The Dunottar Castle sailed from Southampton Saturday with a detachment of 51 Electrical Engineer Vol. of RE. Including Lt. J.H. Stubbs in command.

London Times 28/01/02 (Tuesday)
p3a Dateline St. Helena, Jan. 27.
The Orient has arrived here with 1,050 prisoners and 103 officers and men of the 3/E. Kent Regt.

p9b The Ontarian left Royal Albert Docks last night with 3 officers, a few details and 275 remounts. She will call at Southampton and Queenstown for 275 additional remounts.

London Times 29/01/02 (Wednesday)
p5a Dateline Halifax, Jan. 28.

The Victorian sailed at 2 o'clock to-day for Cape Town with "A", "B", & "C" Squadrons of Canadian M.I.

p11c The Kinfauns Castle left for England Jan. 22 with the following on passage home:
I.Y. - Maj.-Gen. Chesham, Capt. H.R. Darley

The Roslin Castle left for England Jan. 23 with the following invalids:

2/E. Kent - Capt. F.A.C. Hole
2/Cheshire - Lt. C.C. Redfern
1/Welsh Fus. - Capt. G.E. Rickman
1/Border - Maj. W.J. Ferguson-Davie
1/Essex - Lt. S.O. Robinson
2/Vol. Bn. Cheshire - Lt. E.D. Dickson
W. Yorkshire - Lt. P.S. Fryer
RAMC - Majs. M.L. Hearn, H.P. Birch
2/Shropshire L.I. - Lt. E.A. Underwood
Sick laying down, 3; sick convalescent, 439 Wounded convalescent, 11
With the following on passage home:
GG - Surg. Lt.-Col. C.R. Kilkelly, C.M.G.
2/DG - 2/Lt. E.N. Banks
I.Y. - Maj. O.N. Segrave
1/E. Kent - 2/Lt. G. Lee
6/R. Fus. - 2/Lt. A.L. Thomson
1/Devonshire - Capt. N.Z. Emerson
3/Devonshire - Lt. R.J. Scarbrough
5/I. Fus. - Lt. B.S. Johnson
1/Manchester - Capt. H. Fisher
Reserve of Officers - Capt. F.G. Hughes
Indian Stagg Corps - Capt. J.A. Bliss
Remount Dept. - Capt. W.G. Dixon
R.M. L.I. - Maj. F. White
ASC - Capts. P.C. Scott, T. Doherty
RAMC - Lt. & Qm. R.O. Roberts
South African Constabulary - Lt. J.C. Oland
Marshall's Horse - Lt. N. Lewin
Scottish Horse - Lt. A.T. Wardrop
Civil Surgs. - H.J. Godwin, J.L. Allen, H.S. Maxwell
Civil Vet. Surgs. - G. McBurney, J.A. Duff, C.J. Hurkley, R.G. Thompson, A. Leather
Nursing Sisters - A.M. Harrison, C. Harris, E.C.O. Leggatt, K.E. Nisbet, T.H. Jones
I.Y. Hospital - Mr. S.C. Willis
Due Southampton Feb. 13.

The Ontarian arrived at Southampton yesterday morning, shipped 275 horses and sailed for Queenstown

London Times 30/01/02 (Thursday)
Nothing Noted

London Times 31/01/02 (Friday)
p6b & c The Plassy left for England Jan. 23 with the following invalids:
6/DG - Lt.-Col. A.C. Hamilton
6/Dragoons - 2/Lt. R.G.D. O'Callaghan
16/Lancers - Maj. H. de la P. Gough, 2/Lt. R.A. Reddie
RA - Lt.-Col. H.J. Du Cane
RFA - Lt. R.G. Maturin
RE - 2/Lt. C. Hordern
I.Y. - Capt. A.J.P. Annesley, Lt. L.W. Armstrong
3/Yorkshire - Capt. H. de M. Leathes
3/S. Wales Borderers - 2/Lt. G.L. Sparrow
2/Gloucester - Maj. H.D.A.P. Taylor, Lt. & Qm. E. Murray
3/W. Riding - Col. A.K. Wyllie
2/Black Watch - Lt. L.P. Evans
6/Middlesex - Capt. P.H. Graves
4/N. Staffordshire - Capt. D.G.O. Saunders Davies
1/Highland L.I. - Maj. E.A.C. Garland
South African Constabulary - Capt. the Hon. G.O. Cadogan
Sick laying down , 70; sick convalescent, 379 Wounded laying down, 28; wounded convalescent, 10
With the following on passage home:
Reserve of Officers - Majs. A.L.G. Gould, A.G. Duberley, Lt. E.D.H. Daly
5/Lancers - Col. H.J. Scobell
Staff - Col. G.F.R. Henderson, C.B.
RA - Maj. G.H.W. Nicholson
RFA - Maj. G.R.T. Rundle, Capt. W.D. Cochrane
Cork Arty. - Capt. H. Dewhurst
Donegal Arty. - Capt. J.S. Dewhurst
I.Y. - Capts. H.B. Towse, J.A. Liebmann, Lts. L.W. Palk, H.R. Williams
3/Manchester - 2/Lt. H.N. Colan
3/R. Irish - Capt. J.O. Johnson
4/Lincolnshire - Lt. H.B. Cooke
R. Dublin Fus. - Capt. W.H.A. Croker
Leicestershire - Capt. H.S. Logan
1/R. Fus. - Lt.-Col. E.J. Cooper
3/Essex - Capt. C.M. Wheatley
2/W. Kent - Capt. M.P. Buckle
2/E. Kent - Capt. & Qm. G. Boon
Berkshire - Capt. W. Clegg
4/Northumberland Fus. - Lt. & Qm. J.H.M. Steele
RAMC - Lt.-Col. H.W. Murray, Maj. J.J. Russell
Menne's Scouts - Lts. C.H.D. Brooke, H.B. Bradford
Imp. L.H. - Vet.-Lt. J. O'Donoghue
P.o.W. L.H. - Lts. H.C. Thompson, O.T. Evans
Brabant's Horse - Capt. H. Walker, Lt. F.W. Houseman
Bushveldt Car. - Lt. H.T. Bright
Intelligence Dept. - Mr. Diespecker
Civil Surg. M.P. Cooke
Revs. H.B. Hunter, A.T. Wirgman
Civil Vet. Surgs. - E.R. Edwards, E. Crossley
Nursing Sisters G.E. Saunder, J. Butler, J.C. Child, M.A. Bindlors
Due Southampton Feb. 12

The hospital ship Orcana arrived at Southampton yesterday with 182 invalids from Port Natal. The following were listed:
RFA - Capt. H.A. Lake
I.Y. - 2/Lt. G. Smith
1/KSOB - Capt. D.D. Gunn
2/E. Kent - 2/Lt. E.G.F.L. Gould
AOD - Capt. R.S. Hamilton
2/RB - Maj. A.H.W. Lowndes
1/W. Riding - Maj. H.D. Thorold
1/Derby - Capt. R.J.F. Taylor
2/Duke of Cornwall's L.I. - Capt. T.R. Stokoe
APD - Lt.-Col. J.C.S. Irving
RHA - Maj. C.E. Hill
4/KRRC - Lts. T.G. Dalby, R.E. Crichton
2/Manchester - 2/Lt. W.R. Tylden-Wright
1/R. Scots - 2/Lt. E.C. Hill-Whitson
4/R. Warwickshire - 2/Lt. R.W. Fox
2/Lincolnshire - Lt. C.G. Lyall
S. Australian M.I. - Lt. Fish
Army Med. Staff, RAMC - Capts. E.T. Inkson, A.F. Heaton, Lt. & Qm. T.F. Brake
Civ. Surgs. J.W. Greenwood, Macaulay, Roberts, Brodrick
Nursing Sisters Grosvenor, Hayden, West, Whiley, Gifford

The Ontarian left Queenstown yesterday with 521 horses, 122 were embarked at Queenstown.

London Times 01/02/02 (Saturday)
p12c & d The Norman left for England Jan. 30 with the following:
2/Dublin Fus. - Maj. C.F. Romer
4/Welsh Fus. - Lt. F.G. Waddington
3/N. Lancashire - Maj. W. Harrison
RA - Maj. A.S. de Winton
2/GG - Capt. W.Murray-Threipland
BSAP - Col. C. Harding
Due Southampton Feb. 15

The Canada is due to sail to-day from Southampton with the 3/A & S Highlanders who number 25 officers and 880 men

London Times 03/02/02 (Monday)
p10a The Canada embarked at Southampton Saturday nearly 2,000 officers and men for South Africa. They included the following:
4/Durham L.I.
3/A & S Highlanders - 32 officers and 796 men
5/Rifle Brigade - 1 officer and 36 men
Maj.-Gen. W. Kitchener
10/Hussars - Lt.-Col. Alexander
Col. the Duke of Montrose

London Times 04/02/02 (Tuesday)
p9b & c The Dunera sailed from Southampton with the following:
Army P.O. Corps - 40 men
RAMC - Lt. Stock and 100 men
I.Y. - A draft
24 Nurses for the concentration camps

The Kumara left Royal Albert Docks last night for South Africa with 3 officers, details, and 275 remounts. She will call at Southampton and Queenstown for further details and 275 additional horses.

Note Here:
A chart from Parliamentary paper # Cd.884, issued yesterday giving a return of troops and horses embarked for South Africa 1 Jan. 1900 to 31 Dec . 1901.

London Times 05/02/02 (Wednesday)
p6b & c The Sicilia left Port Natal for Aden on Jan. 29 with the following:
2/R. Dublin Fus - Lt.-Col. H.T. Hicks, C.B., Maj. S.G. Bird, D.S.O., Capt. & Bt. Maj. E. Fetherstonhaugh, Capts. M. Lowndes, H.W. Higginson, G.N. Cory, D.S.O., Lts. C. Garvice, D.S.O., L.F. Renny, J. McD. Haskard, A.H.D. Britton, A. De B.W.W. Bradford,
2/Lts. A.W. Newton, E. St. G. Smith, R.F.B. Knox, B. Maclear, J.P.B. Robinson, E.F.E. Seymour, H. St. G. S. Scott, J.P. Tredennick, Lt. & Qm. J. Burke and 598 men
RAMC - 3 men

The Tintagel Castle arrived at Southampton yesterday morning with the 3/King's Own. The following were listed:
3/Lancaster - Col. B.N. North, C.B., Lt.-Col. F.E. Fitzherbert, D.S.O., Maj. & Adj. C.J. Daniel, D.S.O., Capts. R.N. De la Bere, G.D. Timmis, J. Challenor, F.S. Jackson, Lts. F.H. Deakin, A.G. Howard, 2/Lts. M. Cottrell-Dormer, J. Black, Lt. & Qm. T. Batchelor and 436 men.
ASC - Lt. & Riding Master T.J. Kearns
Civil Surg. A.H. Watts
Civil Vet. Surgs. - R. Wilson, M.I. Stevenson, W.M. Reid

London Times 06/02/02 (Thursday)
p10b The Pembroke Castle left for England Jan. 31 with the following on passage home:
5/R. Dublin Fus. - Lt.-Col. H.T. Finlay, Majs. Sir F.W. Shaw, D.S.O., R.A. Hartley, P. La Touche, W.B. Davidson-Houston, Capt. & Adj. R.S. Gage, Capts. A.D. Kirkpatrick, S.A. Jones, W.C. Roper-Caldbeck, L.N. Murphy, Lts. F.W. O'Carrol, G.W. Willock, H. Emerson, 2/Lts. W.B. Cameron, H.J. Kerr, C.R. Barton, Capt. & Qm. R. Baker and 313 men.
Will land the 5/R.D.F. at Queenstown.
The rest for Southampton on passage home:
4/Lancashire Fus - Capt. C.E. Wilson
I.Y. - Lt.-Col. H.H. Stewart, Lt. C. Rowan
Suffolk Mil. Arty. - Lt. R.D. Kirby
1/Derbyshire - Lt. J.E. Hext
Cornwall & Devon Miners Arty. - Capt. R.H. Thompson
3/York & Lancaster - Lt. C.A. Chaytor
Reserve of Officers - Capts. F.H. Lucy, A.B. Boyd Wilson, E.W. Clark, Lt. G.J. Metcalf
1/Munster Fus. - Lt. C.R. Hall
12/Lancers - Capt. M.H. Tristram
1/DG - 2/Lt. G.R.H. Cheape
3/N.S.W. Bushmen - Rev. H.C. Forman
Civil Surg. H. Leach
Civil Vet. Surg. - J. Baxter
3/R. Lancaster - 61 men
Due Queenstown, Feb. 21, Southampton Feb. 22.

The Kumasa arrived at Southampton from London yesterday morning, embarked 210 remounts and sailed for South Africa.


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