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London Times Shipping Reports: 1900
Cape Times Weekly Edition Shipping News 1899 -1902
London Times Shipping Reports: 1899
London Times Shipping Reports: 1901
London Times Shipping Reports: 1902


dd/mm/yy Australian Involvement
a,b,c,d,e, or f = column Boer P.O.W-related
LT = London Times Canadian Involvement
SA = South Africa New Zealand Involvement
p5e = page 5, column e United States Involvement

Lt. 01/01/00 (Monday)
p5e DatelineCalcutta, Dec 31.
The steamer Uganda embarks 250 horses here on Jan. 5 for Durban. Majors Dawson, 9th Bengal Lancers, Biddulph, 19th Bengal Lancers, and Armstrong, 14th Bengal Lancers; and Lts. Wigram, 18th Bengal Lancers, Cheyene, 8th Bengal Cavalry. 16 officers go altogether. Col. Sinclair, R.E. and Capt. Seagrim, R.A., go to the Cape as special service officers.
The Majestic, which arrived at Cape Town on Saturday, left for Durban the same afternoon with the 1/York and Lancaster Regt. and drafts. The Wakool also left Cape Town for Durban with RAMC, horses and mules. The Dilwara arrived at Natal on Saturday. The Ingeli arrived at Cape Town with stores on Dec. 28.

p10c The following embarked in the liner Moor from Southampton for the Cape:
Lord Stanley, M.P., Sir William Stokes, surgeon, a number of nurses, Mr. Adalbert Hay, U.S. Consul at Pretoria, Lady O'hagan, the Hon. Mrs. Maxse, Cols. W.F. Kelly, C.B., F.W. Benson, H. Cooper, O.C. Hannay, and J.A.F. Nutt, RA; Lt.-Col. E. Hegan, Brevet-Col Barker, and Majors Maxse ( this is the correct sailing on 30 Dec.) and J.T. Johnson. At the Royal Albert Docks, the Nomadic took on board 530 remounts and about 70 men of the Scots Greys, Capt. Pennell-Elmhurst commanding.

p10e The Earl Of Denbigh mentioned here. At p10f Maj. F.I. Maxse ordered out on special service.

LT. 02/01/00 (Tuesday)
p3c The Fremona arrived at Table Bay from Naples on Dec.31 with mules. The Urmston Grange arrived at Cape Town on Dec 24 from Algoa Bay. The Manchester City arrived at Port Natal from Cape Town on Sunday. The Roslin Castle arrived at Cape Town with 170 wounded from Durban.

Dateline Gibralter, Jan 1.
The transport Manchester Corporation is still detained here for repairs. Some of the horses on board have developed influenza.

p4a The Cymric, at Canada Dock, Liverpool embarked the following for SA:
16 officers and 510 men of the 76th, 81st, and 82nd Batteries of the RFA, under command of Lt.-Col McDonnell; 400 horses, 21 officers and 930 men of the 2/Gloucestershire Regt., under command of Lt.-Col. Lindsell; 3 officers and 145 men of the 2/Scottish Rifles, under Lt. Macallan; and 251 men of the West Riding Regt. under Lt. Slordet. She sailed Monday night.
The following will embark in the America at the Royal Albert Docks, Woolwich, tomorrow, for SA:
Ammunition Column, 6th Div., 5 officers, 1 warrant officer, 128 men and 93 horses; Mounted Inf. 6th Div., 1/Royal Irish Regt., 4 officers, 136 men and 183 horses; detachments of the 3rd Div. Field Hospital and other details making a total of 11 officers, 1 warrant officer, 267 men and 276 horses.
The Kildonan Castle will leave Southampton to-morrow with 2648 officers and men, reinforcements for the artillery, and 18 inf. battalions, a general hospital, and details of departmental corps.

LT. 03/01/00 (Wednesday)
p3d The Mongolian, with the 2/Middlesex Regt., ex Avondale Castle, and the Atlantian arrived at Natal on Monday. The Victorian arrived at Cape Town on Monday evening; the Majestic and the Maplemore arrived at Natal from Cape Town yesterday.

Dateline Las Palmas, Jan. 1.
The Yoruba has taken all of the cargo from the Denton Grange and was to sail Tuesday.
The Warrigal from Sydney has arrived at Melbourne.

Dateline Gibralter, Jan. 2.
The Manchester Corporation, having repaired her propeller and reshipped 380 horses, sailed for the Cape this afternoon.

p4d The Goorkha, 6287 tons, will leave Southampton to-morrow for SA. She will embark the following:
14th Brigade Staff, 3 officers, 21 men and 3 horses; 2/ Line. (?) Regt. 29 officers, 1 warrant officer, 975 men and 5 horses; Regt. Staff, RE, 2 officers and 5 men; _ 9 Field Co. RE., 7 officers and 201 men; 2/Cavalry Brigade, 5 officers, 1 warrant officer, and 34 men.

LT. 04/01/00 (Thursday)
p3f The Victorian left Cape Town yesterday for Durban. The Dunera left Cape Town yesterday for St. Vincent and England yesterday. She is due at Southampton on Jan. 27, and has on board 187 military invalids, also 1 officer and 11 men naval invalids. The Wakool arrived at Port Natal Jan. 2 from Table Bay. The Jelunga has left St. Vincent for Table Bay.

p4c The Kildonan Castle sailed yesterday from Southampton with 81 officers and 2,596 men for SA.
The Goorkha sailing from Southampton will have on board the following officers:
Maj.-Gen. Sir H.C. Chermside, RE, Maj, W.M. Marter, 1/DG, Lt.-Col. Maxwell, RE., Maj. Jerome, RE., Capt. Young, RE., Lts. Hardcastle, Davis and Buckle, 2 Lts. Evans and Smith, RAMC., Field Hospital, RAMC., Maj. Franklin, Maj. Cummings, Lt. Stafford, and civil surgeon Collum.

LT. 05/01/00. (Friday)
p5e Dateline Bombay, Jan. 4.
The Dwarka left here for Cape Town with the following: Gen. Tucker, Gen. H. MacDonald, Gen. Nicholson and othere general officers, as well as a number of reserve horses.
The Severin arrived at Cape Town, Jan 2, with Government stores. The Roslin Castle arrived at Cape Town from Natal Thursday morning. The Moor arrived at Madeira Jan 4. and left at noon. The Mexican arrived at Cape Town on Wednesday.

p10a The Assaye , (7,370 tons) , the Goorkha and the Braemar Castle sailed Jan. 4 from Southampton for SA. The Goorkha carries the 2/Linconshire Regt., 7 officers, and 201 men of the RE., and a Cavalry Brigade Hospital. Total was 46 officers and 1,236 men The Braemar Castle sailed with 29 officers and about 1,000 men of the KOSB., 3 companies of ASC., and details of RE and RAMC for a total of 39 officers and 1,343 men.
The Assaye sailed with 2,025 officers and men.


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