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Shipping Reports: 1899 - 1902

These pages are the culmination of over a year of extraordinarily dedicated research on the part of Mr Ken Hallock of Idaho, U.S.A., who has managed, in record time, to transcribe the London Times and Cape Times Weekly Edition news of shipping to the South African War from 1899 - 1902. He has kindly allowed me to reproduce his remarkable research on this page and I extend my warmest thanks to him...yet again.

Researchers may note that news of the departure of regiments, officers, munitions and supplies often accompany the shipping reports, making them a doubly valuable resource for scholars of the Anglo-Boer War.
The following guide has been placed at the top of each year's page. Visitors looking for country-and subject-specific information in the Shipping Reports may skip through until they find colour-coded text correspondent to their nation, or subject of interest.
If you have any questions regarding the Shipping Reports, please do not hesitate to contact me.

dd/mm/yy Australian Involvement
a,b,c,d,e, or f = column Boer P.O.W-related
LT = London Times Canadian Involvement
SA = South Africa New Zealand Involvement
p5e = page 5, column e United States Involvement


Cape Times Weekly Edition Shipping News 1899 -1902
London Times Shipping Reports: 1899
London Times Shipping Reports: 1900
London Times Shipping Reports: 1901
London Times Shipping Reports: 1902


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