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South African Forces in the Anglo-Boer War

Please note that this list may or may not be exhaustive. I would welcome any input from knowledgeable parties.

Regiments/Units Involved

Aberdeen Town Guard

Adelaide District Mounted Troops

Ashburner's Light Horse

Barkley West Town Guard

Bayly's Horse

Beaconsfield Town Guard

Beaufort West Town Guard

Bechuanaland Police

Bechuanaland Rifle Volunteers

Bechuanaland Protectorate Regiment

Bedford District Mounted Troops

Beddy's Scouts

Bethune's Mounted Infantry

Border Mounted Police

Border Mounted Rifles

Border Horse

Border Scouts

Brabant's Horse

Brett's Scouts

British South African Police

Bushmanland Borderers

Bush Veldt Carbineers

Byng's Scouts

Cape Colony Cyclist Corps

Cape Colony Defence Force

Cape Medical Staff Corps

Cape Garrison Artillery

South African Yeomanry scouting a Boer-held farm
South African Yeomanry scouting a Boer-held farm

Cape Infantry

Cape Mounted Rifles

Cape Mounted Police

Cape Railway Capetown Highlanders

Ceres Scouts

1st City Volunteers (Marshall's Horse)

City of Grahamstown Volunteers

Clifford's Scouts

Colonial Light Horse

Bodyguard Corps of Cattle Rangers

Cradock Town Guard

Cullinan's Horse

Damant's Horse

De Aar Town Guard

De Beers Maxim Battery

Dennison's Scouts

Diamond Fields Horse

Diamond Fields Artillery

District Military Police

District Mounted Troops

Dordrecht Dictrict Volunteer Guard

Dordrecht Wodehouse Yeomanry

Driscoll's Scouts

Duke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles

Durban Light Infantry

Eastern Province Horse

Eastern Transvaal Scouts

East Griqualand Mounted Rifle Volunteers

East Griqualand Field Force

Edwards's Scouts

Farmers' Guard

Fraserburg District Mounted Troops

French's Scouts

Frontier Light Horse

Frontier Mounted Rifles

Geoghegan's Scouts

George District Mounted Troops

Gorringe's Flying Column

Heidelberg Volunteers and Scouts

Herschel Special Police

Herschel Native Police

Imperial Light Horse

Imperial Light Infantry

lndwe Town Guard

Jamestown Town Guard

Jansenville District Mounted Troops

Jansenville Town Guard

Johannesburg Mounted Rifles

Johannesburg Police

Kaffrarian Rifles

Kenhardt Town Guard

Keeley's Vryburg Farmer's Association

Kimberley Light Horse

Kimberley Regiment

Kimberley Town Guard

Kimberley Mounted Corps

Kitchener's Horse

Kitchener's Fighting Scouts

Klipdam Town Guard

Knysna Rangers

Kofflefontein Defence Force

Komga Mounted Infantry

Kroonstad Scouts

Laingsburg Town Guard

Loch's Horse

Lower Rhodesian Volunteers

Loyal Burgher Corps

Loxton's Horse

Lydenburg Civil Mounted Rifles

Maritzani Mounted Irregulars

Murray's Horse

Mafeking Town Guard

Menne's Scouts

Midland Mounted Rifles

Middelburg Town Guard

Molteno Town Guard

Montagu Town Guard

Montmorency's Scouts

Morley's Scouts

Mossel Bay Town Guard

Namaqualand Border Scouts

Namaqualand District Mounted Police

Namaqualand Town Guard

National Scouts

Natal Volunteer Field Artillery

Natal Volunteers Police and Guides

Natal Bridge Guards

Natal Carbineers

Natal Police

Natal Mounted Rifles

Natal Naval Artilery

Natal Police

NataI Royal Rifles

Natal Volunteer Composite Regiment

Nesbitt's Horse

New England Mounted Rifles

Orange River Colony Police

Orange River Colony Volunteers

Orpen's Horse

Oudtsdhoorn Volunteer Rifles

Peninsular Horse

Pietersburg Light Horse

Potchefstroom Provincial Police

Pretoria Police

Prince Albert's District Mounted Troops

Prince Alfred's Volunteer Guard

Prince Albert's District Mounted Troops

Prince of Wales' Light Horse

Piquetberg District Mounted Troops

Queenstown Rifle Volunteers

The Rand Rifles

Richmond Town Guard

Rimington's Guides

Railway Pioneer Regiment

Rhodesian Regiment

Roberts' Horse

Scott's Railway Guards

Scottish Horse, 1st and 2nd Regiment

Somerset East Town Guard

South African Constabulary

South African Light Horse

South African Mounted lrregular Forces

South Rhodesian Volunteers

Standerton Scouts

Steinaecker's Horse

Stellenbosch Mounted Infantry

Stellenbosch Town Guard

Steytlerville Town Guard

Strathcoma's Horse

Struben's Scouts

Sutherland Town Guard

Tempest's Scouts

Tarkastad Mounted Troops

Tarkastad Town Guard

Tembuland Mounted Rifle Corps

Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry

Touws River Town Guard

Transkei Mounted Rifles

Uitenhage Town Guard

Uitenhage Volunteer Rifles

Utrecht Vryheid Mounted Police

Veld Drift Town Guard

Vryburg Special Police

Walden's Scouts

Warren's Light Horse

Warren's Mounted Infantry

Warren's Scouts

Warrington Town Guard

Wedburg Town Guard

Wellington Town Guard

Western Province Mounted Rifles

Winterberg Mounted Rifles

Willowmore Town Guard

Warwick's Horse

Young Husband's Horse

Zeerust Town Guard

Zoutleif Town Guard

Indian Staff Corps

Natal Voluntary Veterinary Corps

Natal Voluntary Medical Corps

St John Ambulance Brigade

Imperial Hospital Corps


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Klerksdorp and the Boer War
A one page overview of Klerksdorp and its role in the South African War.

The Labyrinth of East London Lore
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League of Researchers of South African Historical Battlefields
A group of like-minded researchers who exchange information and further the study of their field. If you want to find out about the battlefields - as they were and as they are now - begin here.

National Monuments Council of South Africa
The National Monuments Council (NMC) is a statutory organisation established under the National Monuments Act (Act 28 of 1969) as the administrative body responsible for the protection of the South Africa's cultural and historical heritage. The Council consists of a Chairperson and a minimum of seven members appointed by the Minister of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology. Members serve on the Council for a period of three years, and may be reappointed. Members are drawn from a wide range of skills, interests and disciplines associated with the NMC's work, and can therefore give expert advice. Professional and administrative services for the NMC are provided by a permanent professional and administrative staff under the leadership of a Director. The NMC's Head Office is in Cape Town, and it has Regional Offices in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Grahamstown, Kimberley, Pietermaritzburg and Johannesburg.
PLEASE NOTE: there is a link at the bottom of the main page to a databse of Anglo-Boer War memorials, including names on the monuments.

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