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Links: Biographia and Memoria

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Robert Baden-Powell, Chief Scout of the World
The most comprehensive Baden-Powell site on the Web. Lew Orans has built a visually-impressive site filled with objective biographical/historical information on the life of Sir Robert Paden-Powell.

Churchill Archives Centre
A wonderful site for the amateur or professional historian wanting to broaden their perspective on this major historical/political figure.

The Winston Churchill Homepage
A site of great interest to those interested in Churchill and his life. Every stage of his storybook life is documented; from his early days in India to post-WWII Britain.

Winston Churchill Memorial and Library
A national historic site dedicated to Winston Churchill in Missouri, USA.

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust awards grants to 100 British Citizens annually, from all walks of life, to carry out Travelling Fellowships overseas to the benefit of country, community and international goodwill.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Another of Lew Orans' valuable and stylish contributions to the history of the Boer War era: a digitised version of 'The Siege of Mafeking' from Arthur Conan Doyle's The Great Boer War: A Two-Years' Record, 1899-1901.

Hector Macdonald
A great website devoted to Major-General Sir Hector Macdonald (1853 - 1903.) This site is an impressive tribute to a revered Scottish officer.






































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