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Guide to the Site

Basic Tips for Navigating the Library
Navigation to the core areas of the site (i.e. home, the contents page, contact details, search, etc.) can be found at the top of the page in the form of graphic links, or for those visitors with graphics turned off, at the bottom of the page in the form of text links (pending).

Hypertext links on this site (i.e. text links to to other areas of the site or the Internet) look like this: a South African War Virtual Library test link. They can be identified by their colour (hyperlinks are green, whereas normal text on the site is dark grey). The text turns white and a grey background appears behind the link when you place your cursor over it (Internet Explorer and Netscape 6 only).

There are also "SAWVL Note" hyperlinks throughout the site. These look like normal text links, however, when you place your cursor over them, a box with a note appears. Place your cursor over the following link to see what happens: a SAWVL Note. If nothing occurs, you either have javascript turned off in your browser or a browser which needs to be updated.

If you have a site to which you would like the SAWVL to link, please contact me.

All comments, suggestions and recommendations are welcome. Please use the Contact links throughout the site to send me any detailed enquiries or requests for links. I'll endevour to help you as best I can. Please note however, that this site is my hobby and not my job, so I am limited in the extent to which I can spend time answering questions. Also, I do not do research (especially of a genealogical nature) for free, under any circumstances.


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