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Essays and Articles on the South African War: 1899 - 2002

Below are a series of articles on the South African War, spanning the period 1899 to the present day. New articles and essays will be posted as they are contributed. These works will remain to form an online library, available to all.
I encourage visitors to send any works they've written or transcribed to me for inclusion.

Please note: inclusion of essays and/or articles does not in any way imply the webmaster's agreement with, or endorsement of, these works or the opinions of the authors.


Breaker Morant: Justice Denied
Article from The Bulletin.

The Forces of Press, Platform, and Pulpit.
Hobson, J. A. in Caldwell, T.C., [ed] The Anglo-Boer War: Why was it Fought? Who was Responsible? Boston: University of Massachusetts, 1965.

From the Jameson Raid to Bloemfontein: Debating the Origins of the Boer War.
Moritz, Garrett.
Source: <>, 1998.

For the Empire Right or Wrong': Australian Military Involvement in the South African War (1899-1902), the Homefront and Visions of Australian Militarism
Wotton, R. T. in Journal of the Africana Society. v. 15, Pretoria: 1999.

A century ago this October: Canadians mustered tiny army for South Africa as Boers advanced.
Christy McCormick

A Survey of Memorials to the Second Anglo-Boer War in the United Kingdom and Ere.
Jones, Meurig. in Journal of the Africana Society. v. 15, Pretoria: 1999.

To the Person Sitting in Darkness.
Twain, Mark in Zwick, Jim [ed]. Mark Twain's Weapons of Satire: Anti-Imperialist Writings on the Philippine-American War. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1992.
(This essay does not deal specifically with the South African War, but looks to it as part of a larger anti-imperialist overview.)

A Passion to Destroy.
Owen Coetzer
(A blunt piece on the scorched earth policy and the concentration camps, by a retired Daily News and Cape Argus journalist).

Natural Health Remedies Sidelined in Camps of Death.
Owen Coetzer
(A very interesting article exploring natural remedies used by the Boers and their rejection by British doctors in the Concentration Camps)

"One century ago: Canadian soldiers at sea in November as P.M. approves new contingent"
Christy McCormick

100 Years Ago This December: Canadian Infantry Enjoy First Meeting with Australia's Mounted Troops.
Christy McCormick

100 years ago this January: Canadians joined hands with Australians in their first battle of the Boer War.
Christy McCormick

Just Another Boer War Rifle?
Keith Dixon

Centenary Celebrations at Spioenkop: an Eyewitness Account.
Keith Dixon

A Rainbow was in the Sky at Spioenkop.
Myrtle Ryan
Extract from the Sunday Tribune

Winning the first British victory: How Canada changed the course of the Boer War 100 years ago this February.
By Christy McCormick

A Boer War Ghost Story.
By Owen Coetzer

Rethinking the Boer War: Historians prod post-Apartheid South Africa to reconsider a bloody conflict 100 years ago.
By Linda Vergnani

100 Years ago this March: Canadian Forces Reinforced in South Africa, but Sent to Different Areas.
By Christy McCormick

100 years ago this April: Marching to Pretoria at Last as Canadians Fight Battles Along the Way.
Christy McCormick

A very interesting article on the history of the Doornbult Concentration Camp written by Dr. Robin Pelteret.

Swedish Cape Rebel and Guerilla: Frederick Toy.
An excellent essay on Frederick Toy, written by Mr Bertil Häggman.

Canada's Boer War: A Fight for Human Rights.
By Christy McCormick


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